Galveston Graveyard Tours

Joseph R. Pellerin and Galveston Cemeteries

The tour is led by Joseph Pellerin who is a third generation BOI (Born on the Island). He has a bachelor's of arts degree and a master of arts degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State University. When Joseph is not giving graveyard tours, he is an instructor of American history at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, TX.

The Broadway Cemetery in Galveston is actually seven different cemeteries.  They are Old City, New City, Oleander, Evergreen, Catholic, Trinity Epsicopal, and Hebrew Benevolet.  The oldest grave is that of Ira Day (d. 1839) who is located Old City Cemetery, and his grave is included in the tour.

Group tours and private tours are also availible.  Please call Joseph at 409-789-9911 or email him at for more information.