Galveston Graveyard Tours

Dead Men Do Tell Tales!

Come explore the oldest and most historic cemetery in Galveston. Take a walking tour of the Broadway Cemeteries, and come see where the most famous citizens of Galveston and Texas are laid to rest and hear their stories. Learn about the history of the cemeteries. Hear famous and infamous stories about Galveston's former residents including Lizzie Alberti (committed filicide), Bettie Brown (allegedly haunts Ashton Villa), General John Magruder (hero of Galveston during the Civil War), George Childress (author of the Texas Declaration of Independence), and Michel Menard and Samuel May Williams (founders of Galveston) as you stand over where they are interred.

The graveyard tour is a historical tour that includes ghoulish details (cannibalism, murder, and suicide) with a dash of legendary and alleged ghost stories. Tours are $15 per person. The tour lasts about an hour. Tour groups are limited to 35 people. For more informaiton please call Joseph at 409-354-9941 or email him at

SCHEDULE: Every Friday and Saturday in October 2019 at 9pm and 10:30pm. Click the link to purchase tickets.

The Broadway Cemetery is located between 40th and 43rd streets on Broadway. Parking is allowed in the cemetery if the gates are open.  Parking is allowed on the side streets or Broadway if the gates are closed. The tour meets at the Episcopal cemetery located off of Broadway along 40th Street.

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and violators will be asked to leave the tour. Legal disclaimer: No video or audio devices are allowed without the consent of Galveston Graveyard Tours, but you may take as many still photographs as you wish. There's no telling what you may capture. Please watch your step on the uneven cemetery paths. Galveston Graveyard Tours and anyone associated with Galveston Graveyard Tours are not responsible for any injuries sustained on the tour. The tour fee is non-refundable. Please respect the dead and the cemetery. Do not litter, deface the headstones, damage the headstones, or walk on the headstones. When possible stay on the path, and do not walk on the gravesites.

Galveston Graveyard Tours would like to thank the Galveston Parks and Rec. Department and its director for letting us keep the cemetery open past dusk.